1. How can I get a discount for conference registration? 
Register as early-bird, or become a member before registration. 

2. How do I receive an invitation letter if I am traveling from overseas? 
The conference organizers will provide an invitation letter to registered attendees, please contact conference secretary for details. 

3. What kind of facilities and equipment will be provided during the conference? 

  • data projector cabled to a laptop computer.

  • laptops containing USB ports for flash sticks

  • laser pointer

  • lapel microphone for speaker

  • screen

  • podium with table

  • hand-held microphone for the moderator during Q&A

  • white board with marker pen

4. What kind of file format is preferred at the conference? 
PPT and PDF. Please be aware that internet access is not guaranteed. Having an external storage source is imperative. If you need some extra software for your presentation, please contact  conference secretary to make sure it is possible. 

5. Does the conference registration fee include accommodation? 
No. However, we will try to negotiate a discounted room rate for conference attendees at the conference hotel. The discounted room rate is subject to availability, so please make an early reservation to avoid disappointment or inconvenience.

6. Do I have to stay at the conference hotel? 

No. You are free to book any proper hotel but better near the conference venue. 

7. When and where can I collect the receipt of registration fees? 
During the conference registration day or conference venue, but e-version will be provided via email in advance if necessary. 

8. Is there a word&time limit for conference Oral Presentation? 
There’s no particular word limit. All presenters should be prepared to speak for about 10-15 minutes. However, presenters should make sure to confirm this with Session Chair, who has the final say on the timing of presentations. 

9. Is there a Poster Presentation Session? 
Yes. Accepted papers are free to choose to make oral presentations or poster presentations.

10. What's the dress code for the conference? 
Suit, official & traditional or national costume are appropriate attire. check the weather before leaving, Most important: bring comfortable shoes and a sweater or sweatshirt as meeting rooms sometimes are notoriously chilly. 

11. Should I register additionally if I bring partners, friends, family members together at the conference? 
Yes. If they need to attend and join the conference. 

12. I just want to attend my colleague's session. May I register for a single day at a reduced rate? 

Unfortunately, single-day registration is not permitted. To encourage sufficient audience attendance for all presentations and foster a genuine interdisciplinary intellectual community, the conference organizers encourage you to register for the entire conference. 

13. I have a special diet. Can I request special meals at the conference?
Yes. We have different meal options, you can specify it in the registration form or tell us on the conference site.

14. I am a student interested in the Conference. Are there volunteer opportunities available?

Yes. The conference organizers will be looking for student volunteers when the Conference approaches. If you are interested in serving as a student volunteer, please contact us directly at inquiry@icvisp.org

If your question is still unanswered, contact us directly at inquiry@icvisp.org.