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We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Signal processing

·         Adaptive and clustering algorithms

·         Adaptive, array, multidimensional, optical, and nonlinear signal processing

·         Cyclostationary analysis

·         Discrete cosine transforms

·         Discrete Hilbert transforms

·         Fast Fourier transforms

·         Filter design

·         Signal identification, noise control, and reconstruction

·         Wavelet transforms

Image processing

·         3-D and surface reconstruction

·         Automatic image & video annotation

·         Content-based image retrieval

·         Cryptography, steganography & watermarking

·         Image coding and compression

·         Image filtering, smoothing, and enhancement

·         Image segmentation, feature detection and extraction

·         Super-resolution imaging

Computer vision

·         Activity segmentation

·         Biologically Inspired vision

·         Gesture and activity recognition     

·         Image and video acquisition and formation

·         Model-based vision

·         Motion analysis & object tracking

·         MotionFlow

·         Object detection and recognition

·         Visualization


·         Augmented and mixed reality

·         Autonomous vehicles

·         Biometrics, facial recognition

·         Environmental monitoring

·         Gait analysis, balance study, fall detection and prevention

·         Medical image processing

·         Mental health and cognitive stimulation

·         Monitoring activities of daily living

·         Multimedia databases & indexing

·         Rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and telemedicine

·         Robotics

·         Speech & music processing

·         Surveillance