Call for paper

We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Signal processing

·         Filter design

·         Adaptive and clustering algorithms

·         Adaptive, array, multidimensional, optical, and nonlinear signal processing

·         Cyclostationary analysis

·         Discrete cosine transforms

·         Discrete Hilbert transforms

·         Wavelet transforms

·         Fast Fourier transforms

·         Signal identification, noise control, and reconstruction


Image processing

·         Image filtering, smoothing, and enhancement

·         Image segmentation, feature detection and extraction

·         Content-based image retrieval

·         Image coding and compression

·         Super-resolution imaging

·         3-D and surface reconstruction

·         Cryptography, steganography & watermarking

·         Automatic image & video annotation

Computer vision

·         Image and video acquisition and formation

·         Object detection and recognition

·         Biologically Inspired vision

·         Activity segmentation

·         Gesture and activity recognition     

·         Motion analysis & object tracking

·         Model-based vision

·         MotionFlow

·         Visualization


·         Autonomous vehicles

·         Medical image processing

·         Rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and telemedicine

·         Gait analysis, balance study, fall detection and prevention

·         Mental health and cognitive stimulation

·         Monitoring activities of daily living

·         Multimedia databases & indexing

·         Speech & music processing

·         Biometrics, facial recognition

·         Surveillance

·         Robotics

·         Environmental monitoring

·         Augmented and mixed reality

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Best Paper Awards 

Several best paper Awards SELECTED from different sessions  will be given at the dinner banquet of ICVISP 2017. 

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Best Reviewers

We would like to thank all committee members, and they nominated the best reviewers as follow:

Dr. Zahid Akthar


University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada


Dr. Mohamed Arezki Mellal


M'Hamed Bougara University, Algeria


Dr Kassim S. Mwitondi


Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Paper Submission

Prospective authors are welcome to submit your research paper to ICVISP 2017 through the electronic submission system. If you are a new user, you need to sigh up firstly, (Only PDF file is acceptable in this system), for presenter,please submit the abstract via this system as well.

Please Download the Full paper template here: FULL PAPER template.doc


8.5x11 paper size

*For full paper submission, page limit is 8. up to 3 extra pages are allowed for each paper but will assess $100/ per page.  

Abstract Submission( Presenters): the submitted abstract should contain a sufficient summary of the paper and outline of goals, results and conclusion, including conveying sufficient understanding when read in isolation from the paper. Abstract-Template.doc

Paper Acceptance Criteria

*Papers that do not contain an original research contribution will be rejected. Papers that are so badly written as not to be understandable will be rejected, as well as papers where authors engage in extensive self-plagiarism.