What should you prepare for a virtual conference?

Virtual Platform

WebEx Meeting

We will send a meeting invitation link to online attendees to involve in the conference. Please note a paid account is not necessary for attendees. 

Equipment needs:

1. Computer/laptop

2. Camera (built in or external)

3. Microphone (built in or external)

4. Smooth and stable internet ( it is essential to make sure your internet is stable in order to get the best quality)


To test everything before the conference, we will run a test with all online attendees before the conference to make sure all settings are in a good place.

Online Presentation Types

Oral Presentation

Oral presenters are allotted 15 minutes for presentation, questions and answers included.  

Poster Presentation

Poster presenters are allotted 5 minutes to brief their poster. A free discussion session is planned after each poster session.