Special Sessions

The purpose of Special Sessions within ICVISP 2017 is to provide a forum for focused discussion on new topics, consolidated research trends, or innovative applications of established approaches in fields of interest to the conference. A special session typically consists of four to six papers, which for instance address a particular theme or report on work carried in some particular international project, promoting an appropriate environment for dissemination of final results.

In case less than four papers submitted to a special session are finally accepted after review, the program chair and the special session co-chairs reserve the right to re-assign these accepted papers into regular sessions of the conference technical program. Special session papers will undergo the same intense review process as do regular conference papers and submission is not a guarantee for acceptance.Accepted manuscripts of special sessions will be included in the conference proceedings as conference papers

Special Session organizers should include the following information in their proposals:

1. Title

2.Objective and Scope

3.List of specific topics of interest 

4. Contact and Bio of organizer

It is always a good idea to submit proposals well in advance of the deadline. We will still accept proposals after that date just in case any relevant openings become available.

The deadline for submitting proposals is May 1, 2017.

We always receive many more excellent proposals than we can fit into our program. Please do not be discouraged if you are not selected. We do multiple events, and may be able to fit your presentation into another conference.

If you have questions not answered on this page, please email:icvisp@iased.org


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Best Paper Awards 

Several best paper Awards SELECTED from different sessions  will be given at the dinner banquet of ICVISP 2017. 

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Best Reviewers

We would like to thank all committee members, and they nominated the best reviewers as follow:

Dr. Zahid Akthar


University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada


Dr. Mohamed Arezki Mellal


M'Hamed Bougara University, Algeria


Dr Kassim S. Mwitondi


Sheffield Hallam University, UK


Paper Submission

Prospective authors are welcome to submit your research paper to ICVISP 2017 through the electronic submission system. If you are a new user, you need to sigh up firstly, (Only PDF file is acceptable in this system), for presenter,please submit the abstract via this system as well.

Please Download the Full paper template here: FULL PAPER template.doc


8.5x11 paper size kit.zip

*For full paper submission, page limit is 8. up to 3 extra pages are allowed for each paper but will assess $100/ per page.  

Abstract Submission( Presenters): the submitted abstract should contain a sufficient summary of the paper and outline of goals, results and conclusion, including conveying sufficient understanding when read in isolation from the paper. Abstract-Template.doc

Paper Acceptance Criteria

*Papers that do not contain an original research contribution will be rejected. Papers that are so badly written as not to be understandable will be rejected, as well as papers where authors engage in extensive self-plagiarism.